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I don't like writing too much on the author's comments, I prefer keeping it as simple as possible, which makes it as open to interpretation as it can be. If any of you have watched she-spider as well I think you will notice that there is a slight continuation on this one.. story-wise, meh, yeah a bit... I tried to tied them up in a subtle way, but mainly in recurring themes and imagery. I did plan for this to be a continuation, not a direct one though, but I do realize it must seem to confusing, I mean the mountain king character (the one with the mask) is still confusing to me too, which is the main reason why I like him and probably will continue to use him. I think that on a larger context there is a very simple story unfolding, I just don't know it yet, haha so you are not alone on that one! But isn't it fun to not know what to expect? I kind of get a feeling of what is going on, but not being absolutely certain is what keeps me motivated. I don't want to repeat myself too much but my work is much more about the feeling you get from watching it than about a specific story to follow (weather there is one or not).

Well I'll put links to both animations here for anyone who's curious (not many I suppose) and hasn't seen my animations (odds are much greater for this one), enjoy and comment if you have anything to say about it.


the dragon girl

About She-spider, and worse

2009-02-16 11:05:52 by MrGUS

Well I finished "she-spider" after a good while, and I just wanted to comment (to nobody apparently) about it. It was a tough one, I had to learn some stuff about fbf, and I am still very slow at it and not that good on timing. Like always, I thought it had enough story , though and feeling to do very good. So far its doing ..meh, I loved the reviews I got ... all 7 of them (so far) were really good and they got the feeling i wanted to transmit, so thats good. On the other hand, butts fighting got a billion views and I might struggle for 1000.

I hate complaining.. i just deleted a whole paragraph, It's just that its getting very hard for me to find what i like around here, and I think I am starting to see why. Does anybody else feel that? Anybody out there? We might even start a "pretentious flash appreciation crew".