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About the dragon girl (latest flash)

2011-01-09 16:36:59 by MrGUS

I don't like writing too much on the author's comments, I prefer keeping it as simple as possible, which makes it as open to interpretation as it can be. If any of you have watched she-spider as well I think you will notice that there is a slight continuation on this one.. story-wise, meh, yeah a bit... I tried to tied them up in a subtle way, but mainly in recurring themes and imagery. I did plan for this to be a continuation, not a direct one though, but I do realize it must seem to confusing, I mean the mountain king character (the one with the mask) is still confusing to me too, which is the main reason why I like him and probably will continue to use him. I think that on a larger context there is a very simple story unfolding, I just don't know it yet, haha so you are not alone on that one! But isn't it fun to not know what to expect? I kind of get a feeling of what is going on, but not being absolutely certain is what keeps me motivated. I don't want to repeat myself too much but my work is much more about the feeling you get from watching it than about a specific story to follow (weather there is one or not).

Well I'll put links to both animations here for anyone who's curious (not many I suppose) and hasn't seen my animations (odds are much greater for this one), enjoy and comment if you have anything to say about it.


the dragon girl


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2011-01-09 18:32:06

Well I'm sure we "pretentious flash appreciators" care. I hadn't seen she-spider its quite good and now the spider in the dragon girl makes more sense to me. I liked she spider, put it on my favorites list.

MrGUS responds:

heh, I joke about being pretentious but I hope my work doesn't come about as too pretentious, at least not the mountain king stuff, they are very honest (almost subconsciously conceived) projects. I'm particularly fond of the spider reference on the dragon girl so you just made my day by mentioning it. Anyways it's nice to know some others share my preference for some "pretentious" work and are out there watching.


2011-01-10 15:52:09

Yeah, like the previous guy said; If you watch the first one, you get to see a story developing.

The one that's now on frontpage doesn't really do well as a standalone animation, but I'm glad that I got to see the first one.

Looking forward to see more from you!

(I had a lot more to say but it was all just rubbish and train of though so I spared you mindless nonsense)

MrGUS responds:

I know... ideally it would have been great for everyone to have seen she-spider first, too bad it didn't get much attention back then. It seems thought that some people like yourself are following through with it, and I'm pleased to know that you've perceived too that there is an added value.

What? you shouldn't have! I love mindless nonsense , in fact if I had to describe my creative process that would pretty much be it.


2011-01-10 16:09:24

You speak spanish?

MrGUS responds:

Yes I do, it's my native language, I really enjoy English though haha, I find it more playful


2011-01-16 15:48:17

I recently have started watching your works. You are one of my favorite flash authors now. I can't wait to start working inside the dream collab with you.